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Comparative Testing and Evaluation of Metal Ceramics, Zirconia, Modified Zirconia, E.max and Composite Materials

Posted on in Scientific Lectures

In this presentation, Estevam Bonfante, DDS, MS, PhD, discusses relavent topics that will help you choose an appropriate restorative material for your implant-supported restorations.


Bicon Restorative Techniques

Posted on in Techniques

The Bicon Restorative Techniques Video is intended to provide clinicians and their staff with detailed descriptions, explanations, and demonstrations depicting numerous restorative procedures of the Bicon Dental Implant System.


Introduction to Bicon Dental Implants

Posted on in Introductory

This introductory video should give the viewer a good history of the Bicon dental implant design and highlight some of its unique benefits and capabilities — including SHORT® Implants, superior aesthetics, and impressive bone maintenance.


The Bicon Design: Offering Unique Clinical Capabilities

Posted on in Scientific Lectures

Dr. Robert Chapman

Tufts University
Chairman of the Department of Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry, School of Dental Medicine